Smoothie Sour Releases

smoothie sour releases – 4/17:


What exactly is the “From The Top / From The Bottom” series in Oakshire’s Theme From The Bottom releases? Our Director of Brewing Operations explains it here:

“As we began to evolve our Theme series of smoothie sour beers in late 2020, we started to notice a trend across our social media platforms. Consumers were taking flavors from different releases and blending them together! Were they good? We weren’t sure, but it seemed like a really rad idea, especially because people were holding onto cans from some of our first releases. We decided to introduce a sub-series (much like our Dreamsicles and Cheesecakes) into the Theme line-up.

This would become our From The Top (FTT) and From The Bottom (FTB) Cuvee series. The ending lyrics of the song that Theme is named after repeat:
From the bottom, from the top
From the bottom, from the top
From the bottom, from the top
From the bottom, from the top…

In the lyrics, each time “From the Bottom” is mentioned it is paired with a From the Top. In the same way, each FTB release is meant to be paired with a FTT release. The interesting part is that each new FTB is meant to pair with each FTT that was released before it. And each FTT can be blended with each previous FTB. The idea is to be able to blend these beers into perpetuity (though we do recommend drinking fresh, so maybe only pair with the previous release).

The fun part about the ability to blend is that the consistency of the blends is meant to be a personal preference. You never have to make them a 50/50 split. 20% FTT with 80% FTB, sure, if you like it! The exploration is a fun interaction that we get to play with our Theme fans, and keeps me on my toes to make sure that we make Theme flavors that blend together perfectly! We’re definitely having fun coming up and researching new flavor combinations that we think will work exceptionally together!”


From The Top:
Strawberry / Plum / Marshmallow Creme / Vanilla – 5% ABV

From the Bottom:
Mango / Pineapple / Marshmallow Creme / Vanilla – 5% ABV

→ Online Advanced Sales start Tuesday, April 13th at 11am
→ Pickup begins Saturday, April 17th at 11am
→ All cans must be picked up by Monday, April 19th at 8pm
→ $23/4-pack
→ Maximum of
6 4-packs (1 case) per flavor per person – orders containing more than 6 4pks per flavor will be refunded.

There are TWO pickup locations:
→ Eugene Public House (207 Madison Street, Eugene)
To pick up in Eugene, you must purchase here:

→ Portland Beer Hall (5013 NE 42nd Ave, Portland)
To pick up in Portland, you must purchase here:

→ Must be 21+ to make a beer purchase.
→ Pickup starts Saturday 4/17, then continues through Monday 4/19 at 8 PM. At check out, you can choose your pickup for any time during our open hours on those specific days. 
→ **No refunds for unclaimed cans.
Any cans not retrieved during the pickup window will be surrendered back to the brewery without a refund. We will put any remaining cans for sale on Tuesday, 4/20.

Pickup starting Saturday, 3/27:
→ Must be 21+ to pick up beer at Oakshire.
→ Please have proof of purchase and ID ready at pickup.
→ If necessary, you are able to pick up one additional order, other than your own. Must have proof of purchase with order numbers.
→ Face coverings are required. Social distancing is enforced.

Where to pick up:
Eugene: Pickup from the Watershed Market on Saturday. Sunday & Monday – head inside to the bar.
Portland: Beer Hall front door. One pickup at the counter at a time.
Please line up on socially distanced markers while waiting. Masks required.
Not available for delivery.

Questions? Email, message @oakbrew on Instagram, or call 541-654-5520

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