Vintage Beer Program

Aged or meant-for-aging beers in our VINTAGE program showcase spirits-barrel-aged, wild, and higher ABV beer styles that take time to perfect.  These are produced in very limited quantities and packaged primarily in specialty bottles; they’re the long-cycle creative counter-part to the rapid-cycle creative brewing in our Pilot program.  We take all the time and resources we need to build these beers over time.  While they are suitable for drinking when we release them, they also age well and are the perfect addition to your beer cellar.

Rye Whiskey Very Ill Tempered Gnome

Vintage December 2018 (Draft Only)
  • 12.0%

Imperial Brown Ale aged in Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey Barrels

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Bourbon Barrel-aged Doggerland

Vintage May 2018 (Draft Only)
  • 10.3%

Baltic-style Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Heart Shaped Box

Vintage 2017, 2018
  • 12.0%

Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, coffee and sweet cherries

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Hellshire IX

Vintage June 2019
  • 13
  • 14

Release: June 2019

Our ninth release in our Hellshire series. Released yearly at Hellshire Day and Barrel-aged Beer Festival.
Hellshire IX is an Imperial Stout aged in freshly dumped Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

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Hellshire VIII

Vintage May 2018
  • 14%

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, coffee, cinnamon and peppers

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Hellshire VII

Vintage May 2017
  • 13.75%

Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout

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Hellshire VI

Vintage March 2016
  • 13.95%

Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon and Rye Whiskey Barrels

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Hellshire V

Vintage March 2015
  • 8.3%

Export-style Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Hellshire IV

Vintage February 2014
  • 10.3%

Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Hellshire III

Vintage February 2013
  • 8.5%

Foreign Export style Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Hellshire I

Vintage 2011
  • 10%

Bourbon Barrel-aged Barleywine

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Hellshire Experience 2016- Hellshire VI Single Barrel Reserve

Vintage March 2016 (Extremely Limited)
  • 14.0%

Single Barrel Rye Whiskey aged Imperial Stout

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Hellshire Experience 2017-Double Barrel Especial

Vintage May 2017 (Extremely Limited)
  • 16.5%

Double Barrel Imperial Mexican Coffee Stout

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Hellshire Experience 2018- Brunch in Hell

Vintage May 2018
  • 14.0%

Rum Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Maple Syrup and Coffee

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Vintage October 2018
  • 13.3%

Barleywine-style ale aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Eleventh Anniversary

  • 6.7%
  • 23

Biere de Garde style ale aged in Oak Barrels

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X: Tenth Anniversary

Vintage October 2016
  • 5.5%
  • 20

Anniversary Cuvee Blended Ale

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9th Anniversary Ale

Vintage Retired
  • 6.2%

Farmhouse Ale with Peaches

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8th Anniversary Ale

Vintage Retired
  • 6.4%

Barrel-aged Belgian Ale with Cherries and Brett

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7th Anniversary Ale

Vintage Retired
  • 7.0%

Barrel-aged Baltic Porter with Cherries

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6th Anniversary Ale

Vintage Retired
  • 9.5%

Brandy Barrel-aged Barleywine

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Fruit Farm Lambert Cherry

Vintage Coming: March 2019

Open Oak-fermented mixed culture ale with Oregon grown Lambert cherries

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Fruit Farm Pinot Noir

Vintage Coming Summer: Vintage 2019

Open fermented and oak-aged mixed-culture ale with Oregon Pinot Noir grapes from Iris Vineyards

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Nectarnal Slumber

Vintage March 2018
  • 6.5%

Oak-aged Saison refermented on locally grown nectarines

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The Carol Situation

Vintage August 2017
  • 7.8%
  • 10

Oak-aged Saison

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Touch of Grey Available in the Public House

Vintage March 2018
  • 5.3%
  • 18

Oak-aged Grisette

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Three Chords and the Truth

  • 5.9%

Brett Pale ale aged in oak barrels. Dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Mandarina Bavaria

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Vintage Retired
  • 6.6%

Barrel-aged Belgian-style Ale with White Wine Grapes

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Imperial Spiced Apple Porter

Vintage March 2017
  • 8.6%

Porter aged in Spent Apple Cider Barrels

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Barleywine 2017

Vintage Coming: Spring 2019
  • 13.0%

English-style Barleywine

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Big Black Jack

Vintage Fall
  • 7.8
  • 30

Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter

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