Administrative Director

Ryan Rounkles

Grew up in Louisiana; moved to Eugene in 2009 shortly after completing a B.S. in Biology with a Chemistry minor at the University of Missouri. Oakshire’s been near and dear to Ryan’s heart since he moved to Eugene in 2009, but he officially became part of the family in July 2018.

“I had a roommate in college that would come out to Oregon and fight forest fires during the summer. He’d come back to Missouri for the fall term and beam about how beautiful Oregon is. I visited as soon as I could and almost collapsed with the beauty I saw in the Northwest. Probably a common story for a lot of people. I moved out here right then and am still humbled daily by the stunning beauty we’re surrounded with here. I’m both fortunate and grateful to experience the beer that comes from that inspiration at Oakshire.”

Interesting facts

Has traveled in 21 different countries and outdoor obsessions include rock climbing, mountain biking, photography and drinking beer.

Favorite Oakshire beer

  • Core: Reclaim the Fame – West Coast IPA
  • Pilot: Dinosaurs will Die Hazy IPA
  • Vintage: Big Black Jack
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