Marketing Manager

Michelle Long

A “Goonie” from Astoria, Michelle has spent her life exploring Oregon and eventually found her home in Eugene in 2010.  It was not long until she fell in love with the local brewing community and became intrigued with connecting with craft beverage consumers.

Over the last seven years Michelle has enjoyed working in sales and marketing at breweries and a meadery. Michelle rang in the 2020 New Year by joining the Oakshire team in a newly created position as our Marketing Manager. With 2020 bringing a new landscape for businesses to navigate, she has been excited to learn and adapt her diverse skillset to our changing world.


Loves biking, nature, playing “fix-er-upper” on their home or sprinter camper van; Listens to a lot of Ween; Her dog Charlie might be a dingo; Loves comedy and her better-half, Zach.

Favorite Oakshire Beer

  • Core: Perfect Storm DIPA
  • Pilot: BA C.R.E.A.M. (Coffee Rules Everything Around Me)
  • Vintage: Fruit Farm Pinot Noir Farmhouse Ale
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