Area Sales Manager

Jordan Micheal Swan-Wallis

Born in Medford, OR, Jordan spent much of his youth in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. His early 20s were well spent travelling and exploring life; eventually he began working for Cornucopia in Eugene, cutting his teeth in the food, beverage, and service industry.

A craft beer enthusiast since age 21, Jordan began spending time with a home-brew crew dubbed “Brew of O” where he learned brewing techniques and gained an understanding for flavor profiles and various beer styles. It was here he first learned of barrel-aged beers.

After news of Oakshire’s Eugene Public House opening in 2013, he was quick to apply for a position and persistently followed up with, then Pub Manager, Dan Russo (now our Director of Brewing Operations) until Dan had no choice but to offer him an interview and eventually a job as one of our first Public House employees. He married his Wife, Chelsea Swan, on August 19, 2017 and moved to Seattle, WA two days later to represent Oakshire as Market Manger, Washington.

Favorite Oakshire Beer

  • Core: Ill Tempered Gnome
  • Pilot: Schwarzbier
  • Vintage: Fruit Farm Pinot Noir Farmhouse Ale
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