Sr. Market Manager - Downstate Oregon & Colorado

Derick Langendoerfer

An original Goonie! Derick was born up in Astoria, OR and raised in Eugene. He attended Oregon State and is one of the few & proud Beaver fans living in Eugene. “I joined the Oakshire team in 2019 not only to further my career and personal life, but after I saw the culture at Oakshire I haven’t stopped smiling. I have found my happy place.”

Interesting facts

Loves exploring the great northwest, stopping at dive bars and immersing himself in the local history. Enjoys camping and learning new aspects of life through his 4 year old son. Huge foodie and may own 7 different smokers/bbqs at any given time.

Favorite Oakshire beer

  • Core: “You will always find a Citrafonix IPA in my fridge. The Citra and Cascasde hops add a perfect balance to the grapefruit, lime and orange juice.”
  • Pilot: “Even though I haven’t tasted it yet…it would have to be 2019 dry Irish Stout for the simple fact that not only did I help mash in but also raked spent mash, added hops to the kettle and sent it to the tank. I helped brew this beer with love!’
  • Vintage: “The Fruit Farm Series. The blend of my two favorite liquids (beer, and wine) work in harmony to bring a palatable yet complex taste profile that make my taste buds dance as if at a techno show.”
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