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July 10, 2020

Sour Peach ipa with Vanilla Beans

PARTY WAVE 2.0 / Bier Stein Collaboration



Party Wave! – 6.5% ABV
Sour IPA with Peaches and Vanilla Beans
Brewed in Collaboration with the Bier Stein for their 15th Anniversary

For the last 15 years, Eugene’s own The Bier Stein has grown from a hole in the wall bottle shop and pub to one of the premier beer bars; not just in Oregon or the Northwest; but in the entire country. They tapped one of Oakshire’s very first kegs of Amber nearly 14 years ago and have remained one of our favorite drinking establishments as well as long lasting friends. When they approached us about making a collaboration to celebrate their Anniversary, we jumped at the chance!

We decided to brew a reinterpretation of our previous collaboration originally brewed for the Bier Stein Invitational Brewfest in the summer of 2018, named Party Wave. Party Wave is a mash-up of multiple style’s, all riding together to create one harmonious beer. We started with our traditional hazy IPA recipe stuffed full of malted and rolled oats for our signature pillowy mouthfeel. We then sent the beer to our souring tank for twenty-four hours. We brought it back and boiled it, before adding late additions of Mosaic hop oil and El Dorado hop pellets. The beer was then fermented with our favorite hazy yeast strain and dry-hopped with even more Mosaic and El Dorado.

Party Wave then saw heaping additions of peach puree and bourbon vanilla beans. Together we created a Peaches and Cream sour hazy IPA (a mouth full for sure)! Packaged in 16oz cans with art by The Stein’s own Kyle Schnabel, Party Wave pours a peachy orange with an off-white head. The nose erupts with notes of peach flesh, tropical fruit and resin from the hops. The palate starts with bright acidity and heads towards succulent and juicy from the peaches. The hop oil cuts across the tongue as a reminder that you are indeed still drinking an IPA, only to finish with a smooth creaminess from the vanilla beans.

A true Party Wave in every sense of being, we’re super excited to share this incredibly unique experience with our friends at The Bier Stein. Cheers to the past 15 years and here’s to 15 more!

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