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March 9, 2021

Published by New School Beer

Oakshire Brewing’s Guide to Smoothie Sours

Oakshire brewing’s director of brewing operations Dan russo on the trials and tribulations of smoothie sour beers.

“Since Ken Grossman brewed his first batch of Sierra Nevada Stout (predating the first batches of Pale Ale), there have always been polarizing opinions within the beer community about up-and-coming beer styles. As craft continued to transform from a corner niche market into full-blown mainstream, beer internet forums began to become flooded with old-school drinkers, first-time consumers, homebrewers and hard-core beer geeks. Everyone had a place to make their opinion known, and known it was. In all that time, there has not been a more polarizing decade in beer than the 2010s, and it continues into 2021 with the fight over smoothie sour beer.”

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