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July 7, 2020

It's Baaaaaack!!!!!!


Re-Released 07/07/2020

Brewed as an evocation of the playground days long ago; to elementary school lunch rooms where one’s coolness was determined by that which lay within the creases of our brown paper
bags. To the days of bright colored fruit drinks when commercials were papered within the confines of our Saturday morning cartoon marathons that had us clamoring to our parents trips to the grocery store.
One above all else remains the pinnacle of lunch trading legend – its packaging was adorned with the image of a slimy green ghost and with a flavor said to be tangerine and orange, but colored bright neon green. No Ghosts is a tart wheat ale conditioned on tangerine puree and orange juice to recreate the flavor of the iconic drink that, when poured and with one look and sip, will instantly bring you back in time. Now available in 16oz. cans throughout Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.


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