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Rainbow Sherbet IPA

  • 6.7%

  • 06.18.21

Rainbow Sherbet Smoothie IPA remains one of our most ambitious projects. Conceptualized during GABF in 2018, the aim was to recreate the flavors of the iconic rainbow sherbet in beer form. To achieve this goal we started with a base pillowy malted oats for that superb chewiness. The beer then received a heavy hand of Citra and Mosaic hop oil, as well as the always delightful El Dorado in the whirlpool. We then fermented Rainbow Sherbet with our favorite hazy yeast strain. Once done fermenting, Rainbow Sherbet was triple dry-hopped with a combination of Citra, Mosaic, NZ Moutere and Wai-iti to impart huge notes of pineapple, mango, and lychee with bright hints of stank-a-dank weed. We then took a combination of Raspberry, Orange, Key Lime, Lemon, and Pineapple puree as well as Madagascar vanilla beans to add layers of creaminess to really make the beer feel like a real sherbet. Upon the first pour, the deep pink color is eye-catching. The nose rushes out of tropical fruit and jammy preserves and citrus. The taste is so insanely fruity, with just enough bitterness and sticky hop resin to remind you that this is an IPA – so creamy and juicy that if you closed your eyes you would almost forget that it actually is beer. A wholly unique drinking experience in each can and glass. This is surely one that you will remember for many beers to come.

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