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  • 6.6%

  • Retired


2013: Labeled as Hermanne 1882

2014: Labeled as Hermanne 2014

Hybrids are common in the world of viticulture, as growers attempt to produce the best and most tolerant grapes. Mermann Muller of Thurgau, Switzerland did just that in 1882 as he crossed Riesling with Madeline Royal to create the Muller-Thurgau grape. Now, a new hybrid has formed at Oakshire as our brewers worked with Anne Amie Vineyards to create this beer/wine hybrid. We used Anne Amie’s classic Muller-Thurgau grapes, and artfully blended them with Belgian Golden Ale. The blend was then matured with Brett for a year in Anne Amie’s Pinot Noir barrels. Our Hermanne 2014 is light and crisp with a complex, fruity middle and dry tannic finish

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