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April 29, 2021

Published by Sip Magazine

April Showers Bring Spring Sours

By Ben Keene

Seasonal change can catch you by surprise. Some years it creeps in slowly and quietly until the day you happen to turn around and notice that Hey, Summer is here. Other times it arrives suddenly and unexpectedly, like a guest who shows up early to a party: Oh hello, Autumn. Sour beers can also catch you unawares. Some of them immediately shock you with their pungency, while others have a sneaky sharpness that hides behind fruit, funk, and other flavors. Either way, after months of winter’s low temperatures and the darker, heavier beer styles that often go with the season, a little zing is a welcome thing. Here are seven of our favorite spring sours.

Sun Made Cucumber Sour | Oakshire Brewing – Eugene, Ore.

More tangy than truly sour with a palate-pleasing melon-like sweetness and a deep golden hue, Sun Made Cucumber Sour sings with garden-fresh flavor. The sessionable alcohol level also makes it a beer well suited for second rounds and lunchtime pairings – preferably outdoors. Try it with a hot chicken sandwich or a falafel platter. (4.1% ABV)

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