Why Oakshire?

Creating and Sharing

The name Oakshire embodies the strength of an Oak and the connection between people and place that is a Shire, an old name for a rural county. Pronounced “oak-shy-er,” Oakshire Brewing exists to create and share great beer experiences.

Founded in Eugene Oregon in 2006, we are privately owned by the family and friends of our company’s founders. Oakshire operates a small, 4,000 square-foot production brewery in Northwest Eugene, as well as the Oakshire Public House in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood. Our beers are available in cans and bottles throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado.

Our values

Four core values guide our company:

  • Craftsmanship: Brewing and selling beer is our trade. Oakshire’s Brewers and Production Team work daily to produce the highest draft and packaged beer in a variety of styles. Our Sales and Public House Teams work to ensure these beers are delivered to beer drinkers as fresh as possible. We love artisan products from passionate producers and believe that creativity can thrive in a business.
  • Community: We draw inspiration from the many communities we serve. The Oakshire Team, Public House guests, Retailers, Wholesale Partners, and Beer Drinkers everywhere inspire the beers we create. Our community is the people we drink with and give back to – in our Public House in Eugene, throughout the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. We are inspired daily to create and share great beer experiences for ourselves and our community.
  • Teaching and Learning: We are lifelong learners and believe in the educational process. Whether teaching ourselves new brewing skills, learning from our peers or planning for the future, we teach and learn every day – about beer, the beer business, ourselves and one another.
  • Authenticity: We are honest and direct with ourselves and our community. We believe that being open and genuine is the only way to build lasting relationships.

Join us at our Public House in Eugene to sample our beers, meet our amazing people, and learn more about Oakshire. Cheers!