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February 11, 2021

Feature from Sip Magazine

7 Chocolate Beers You’re Sure to Love This Valentine’s Day by Sip Magazine

7 Chocolate Beers You’re Sure to Love This Valentine’s Day

From cards to candy and flowers to food, Americans are expected to spend more than $21 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. And while liqueur-filled truffles can be fun to unwrap on the 14th, I wonder how many shoppers choose to buy that special someone a special bottle of wine, beer or spirits? Do sales of Four Roses bourbon spike in February?

For my money, beer does the best job of satisfying seasonal cravings during this romantic holiday, particularly a bottle of chocolate stout or porter. Why? Because many of the flavors produced by malting barley harmonize effortlessly with everyone’s favorite dark confection. Here in the Pacific Northwest, a growing number of breweries now make beers with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, baker’s chocolate or the like. Some examples, such as the Reuben’s Brews Chocolate Box series, are taproom-only releases, but plenty of others find their way into distribution. So instead of yet another heart-shaped package of assorted candies, consider sweetening someone’s day with a container of chocolate beer instead.

The Golden Experience | Oakshire Brewing – Eugene, OR

If Willy Wonka were to write a beer recipe, this would be it. Sweet and strong with notes of Nutella, vanilla and decadent ganache, this thick, fudgy imperial stout was inspired by Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Slightly boozy in the finish with a dusting of cocoa powder, it’s a beer that inspires wonder and warrants caution. (12% ABV)

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