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Thursday, October 30

5:00pmFood Cart @ the Pub: Oregon Wood Fired Pizza@Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene, OR 97402

Thursday, October 30

6:00pmLive Music at the Public House: Jesse Meade@Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene, OR, United States

Friday, October 31

4:30pmLive Music at the Public House- Fiddlin' Sue Band@Oakshire Brewery Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene OR, 97402

  • Public House


    The Public House opened May 2nd, 2013. You can now come and enjoy a cold glass of Oakshire Beer daily 11a-10p.


    Doc sales have moved with us to our Public House. You can now fill a keg, corn or growler daily 11a-7p. Cheers!


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    Malty. Hoppy.
    Winter Ale.

    Take a little gnome home this winter! He’s a malty, hoppy brown ale of pure winter deliciousness. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

    Teaser Image: 
    Ill Tempered Gnome: Winter Ale
    Our Ill Tempered Gnome Winter Ale is intricate American brown ale with the perfect blend of malt and hops. With its complex malt profile, complete with six specialty malts, it lays the foundation for an American hop punch. This complex beer provides, bitter, roasty, chocolate, pine resin, citrus, dark fruit, coffee and sweet flavors all in one glass. Cheers!
    Take a little Gnome home this winter!
    Style: American Brown Ale
    OG: 15.5 Plato
    IBU: 65
    ABV: 6.8%
    Availability: Winter Seasonal
    Format: Draft & 22 oz. bottles
    Food Pairings: Roast Pork, Grilled Sausages, smoked salmon, aged gouda, mild blue, burgers, bread pudding