Hellshire FAQ

Is Hellshire Day kid-friendly?

Unfortunately, no. Minors 18-20 can enter but must pay $5 in advance or $10 at the door for an Entry Ticket; they will be given a wristband to indicate to the pouring staff that they are not to be served alcohol.

Is Hellshire Day dog-friendly?

Nope – service animals only please!

What is the difference between an Entry Ticket and A Festival Ticket?

The main difference is what you can drink once inside (if over 21 years old) the gates.

Festival Tickets allow you to purchase tokens and order any beers inside the Public House and outside as part of the festival, as well as partake in all festivities Saturday from 12-8.

Entry Tickets do not allow for token purchase or ordering the festival beers outside; it does, however, allow individuals to enter, order beer in the Public House, watch the live music, order from the food trucks, and hang out. Minors between the ages of 18 and 21 must buy an Entry Ticket for admission.

If I buy a Hellshire Experience Ticket, do I need to buy a Hellshire Festival or Entry Tickets?

No. Hellshire Experience Tickets not only get you into our exclusive pre-party on Friday, but also are good for entrance into Hellshire Day an hour early (@ 11am) on Saturday!

What is the parking situation?

We have limited lot and street parking, but Whiteaker legal street parking is up for grabs (you find it, you taken it!); however, we will have a free bike valet and tune-ups which we encourage you to take advantage of. Please also visit LTD for more information about bus transportation.

When will the beer list be released?

We have asked breweries to respond by 3/16. The beer list will be teased and then fully released in early April. Stay tuned!

When will the band line-up be released?

Stay tuned!

Who can I contact with more questions?

Please call the Public House at 541.654.5520

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